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Parenting with Cardology

Have you ever wished that each child could come with a blueprint of their unique personality? Or better yet, this blueprint included a care manual complete with strategies adults could use to guide each child to their highest potential? Unlocking the Potential of Children describes a powerful system that offers this and more.

A child’s date of birth is associated with a Birth and Planetary Ruling Card(s) which offers insights into their personality traits, past lives and related karma, life lessons, potential callings, and overall life purpose. Because children and adolescents are learning about boundaries around who they are and how they fit within the world, they will likely fluctuate along a continuum experimenting with their higher and lower personality traits. Understanding a child’s unique gifts and challenges can help adults nurture them from a place of awareness. And to facilitate such efforts, this book also offers the reader tips and research-based strategies aligned to these personality traits to support adults in guiding a child toward their authentic and highest self.

I ask you to purchase my book and join me in unlocking the potential of children in your life!

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The posts below are dedicated to describing unique characteristics of children born to a specific Birth Card. Each description includes tips, techniques, and tools for parents and/or adults who work with children that may help them guide a child associated with that Birth Card to their highest potential.

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