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My Credentials


I have been a practitioner of the Destiny Card System for over 30 years, primarily applying it to teach children and young adults. I have 20 years experience as a middle school science teacher and 8 years experience as a university professor preparing future teachers. Earning a doctorate degree in STEM education, it is no wonder I love the analytical challenge of interpreting the Destiny Card system in all its complexity. I feel called to share and teach this system to others so they may jumpstart their own spiritual growth and/or nurture any child to their highest potential.

My Story:


My journey with the Destiny Card system began in 1990 after purchasing the book, Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, by Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell. From reading this book, I learned my birthdate was associated with the Queen of Clubs Birth Card - the Mental Intuition card. Many Q♣ use their intuitive gifts to serve children. I represent a Q♣ well because I have spent the majority of my life as an educator, teaching elementary school children, middle school adolescents, and young adults. I hold a doctorate degree in education and most recently worked at a university as a professor preparing future elementary teachers. 

I have been a passionate student and practitioner of the Destiny Card system, applying it to help better understand and nurture hundreds of children and young adults. These years of hands-on, real-life experience applying the principles of the Destiny Card system enabled me to explore every individual component of this system and consider how they can come together to help individuals achieve their highest potential. 

The coronavirus pandemic of 2019 upended many of our lives and hijacked our sense of security toward the future. For me personally, the crisis forced me to hit a ‘pause’ button and reflect upon my priorities. I was particularly concerned with how distance learning and isolation was impacting children. One thing became clear to me – I needed to write a book about how the Destiny Card system could help parents raise resilient children in these challenging times. As a seasoned Q♣, I have learned to trust my own intuition. And my intuition was screaming at me to write a book! It was shouting that God (or the Universe if that is your belief) is initiating a transformation for mankind. Such a transformation is to make things right that have been wrong for so long. My initial desire was to share my insights on how application of the Destiny Cards system could help adults nurture children toward their highest potentials. While writing the book, I realized I needed to fully embrace the teaching of this system to others.

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