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The Emotional Power of a K♥

K♥ Birth Dates:

June 30 October 22

July 28 November 20

August 26 December 18

September 24

In 1979, actress Bo Derek starred in the movie “10” as an example of a perfect ‘10’ in beauty. Bo Derek was an unknown actress at the time but got the role because of her authentic emotional power and sex appeal. That is not surprising because Bo Derek was born November 20 which is associated with a K♥ Birth Card. As a King, the K♥ rules in the area of love and relationships. As such, they are sensual, charming, and magnetic to the opposite sex.

When this power is misused, K♥ can emotionally manipulate others. Keith Raniere is an example of this. Raniere was the NXIVM cult leader who was convicted of human trafficking and sex offenses as he sexually abused his followers. Raniere’s story is depicted in the series, “The Vow” on Netflix. On the other hand, when such emotional power is directed in a good way, amazing humanitarian accomplishments can result. Born August 26 as a K♥, Mother Teresa is a perfect example of this positive display of emotional power. As Founder of the Missionaries of Charity in India, Mother Teresa administered over 500 charities and devoted her life to assisting the poor, sick, orphaned, and elderly.

As a parent of a K♥ it is important to nurture them toward the higher expressions of their emotional power as they hold the potential do so much good in the world. Here are some tips to make that happen:

· As young children, K♥ experience big emotions. Help them understand and manage their big emotions by reading children’s books. I suggest “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” by Jo Witek as a playful way to explore this topic.

· K♥ are gifted at empathy but can manipulate it to serve their own purposes. Teach a K♥ about the concept of empathy and how to direct it in healthy ways.

· Likewise, teach a K♥ about the concept of compassion and healthy ways of showing it.

· Some K♥ may experience abandonment issues as children. It is imperative for these individuals to receive therapy, so they are less likely to manifest emotionally abusive behaviors.

· For pre-adolescent K♥, it would be a good idea to discuss sexuality and their innate ability to emotionally attract and manipulate others. Perhaps, begin these conversations in response to a TV Show or movie that showed a character emotionally manipulating others.

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