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Moon Cards and Parenting Style

When applying the Destiny Cards to parenting, it is important to examine a parent’s Moon Card. A person’s Moon Card indicates an individual or childhood experience that influenced one’s childhood. Because a person tends to parent according to how they were parented or what their childhood looked like, a person’s Moon card offers an insight into one’s parenting style. Certainly, how a parent will interact with a child is mostly determined by each person’s Birth and Planetary Ruling card(s). But the Moon Card can reveal another aspect of how a parent may support or nurture a child. And let’s not forget that each person can manifest higher and lower expressions of their Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards when parenting. It is also important to consider the possibility that a parent may have been exposed to a lower expression of parenting and that experience triggered them to adopt an opposite approach to parenting their own children. For example, a person may have been exposed to a lower expression of parenting and then they made a concerted effort as an adult to parent their own child acting from a higher expression of this same Moon card.

Are you wondering about your own Moon Card? Use the chart to look yours up.

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