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A 3♠’s Situational Hyperactivity

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ADHD is difficult to diagnose. Sometimes a teacher may label a child as hyperactive if they do not conform to the classroom rules. Is this a fair label? I don’t think so! Perhaps, a child’s behavior is a case of situational hyperactivity, and this should be ruled out before medicating a child. Situational hyperactivity is a sub-category of ADHD to describe the hyperactive behavior of a child that happens in specific situations. Children associated with a 3♠ Birth Card may be labeled as having ADHD because they are prone to situational hyperactivity. The situation is explained by examining a 3♠’s Mercury Card in the Life Spread, which is a 9♥. Having a 9♥ means that these children often are dealing with a significant emotional loss or challenge. This also means that a 3♠ is unlikely to actually have ADHD. Rather than medicating a 3♠ child, it would be better to make accommodations.

In a school environment, a 3♠ is more likely to thrive when a student-centered learning approach is in place. As it’s name implies, student-centered learning involves students being part of the decision-making in what and how they learn. In this approach to learning, teachers consider the needs, interests, cultural background, and strengths of each student. For example, while teaching a unit on forces and motion in a fifth-grade classroom, the teacher allows students to come up with their own inquiry question and then guides them through conducting an investigation to answer their question. If a 3♠ child has a teacher who has an authoritarian management style and teacher-centered approach to learning such as using lecture as a primary tool for instruction, then there will likely be some conflict between this child and teacher.

In addition, a 3♠ child thrives in a school setting where there is room for ambiguity and creativity. The 3♠ is called the Artist Card because of their creative gifts and these gifts should be encouraged in the classroom. Likewise, these gifts should be supported by a 3♠’s parent(s). Extra-curricular activities such as art, music, and drama classes are a must for a 3♠. You see, 3♠ require a variety of activities to keep them distracted from the emotional challenges they are facing. At a minimum, a 3♠ should listen to a variety of music to deal with their current emotions. Without such variety, a 3♠ will bottle up their emotions and develop stress which in turn can lead to other health problems.

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