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The Emotional J♥

J♥ Birth Dates:

July 30 October 24

August 28 November 22

September 26 December 20

In the Destiny Card system, specific personality traits are associated with each Birth Card, and these traits are manifested by each person across a spectrum of lower and higher expressions. That is, with a few exceptions such as the case with a person associated with a J♥ Birth Card. The J♥ is known as the ‘Sacrifice in the name of love’ card as a key personality trait they express is holding a specific philosophy about love. And, as one of three fixed cards J♥ often express this personality trait in an extreme way in that they give too much. As such, they may have difficulty establishing emotional and relational boundaries with those close to them.

As children, J♥s are little bodies full of big emotions. On a good day, they are joyful, loveable, and want to give love to others. Parents and adults around a J♥ enjoy their sweet natures. And then there are the bad days. On those days a J♥ can be overly dramatic and struggle to manage their negative emotions. Between the ages of three to five, most children learn how to manage their emotions. However, J♥ children struggle more than other children in learning emotional regulation. Without targeted work in this area, it is not unusual for a teacher to communicate that a J♥ is exhibiting emotional dysregulation. A child in a state of emotional dysregulation is unable to control or regulate their emotions in a socially acceptable manner.

The best way to support a J♥ child is to teach them at the earliest age possible to identify and express their emotions in healthy ways. There are numerous children’s books that teach about emotions. I recommend the book, The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions to help a child label an assortment of emotions. Next, a J♥ child needs to develop healthy ways of managing their emotions. Another great book is The Boy with Big, Big Feelings by Britney Winn Lee because it describes daily events that can trigger big emotions. Expressing emotions in unhealthy ways can get a J♥ child into trouble. This book explains that emotions are an asset once a person learns ways to manage them. Therefore, the next step is to teach a J♥ strategies that help them calm down or represent an emotional outlet when they are feeling overwhelmed with big emotions. Here are a few ideas to try:

· Purchase them a fuzzy blanket or stuffed animal to snuggle with.

· Teach breathing exercises they can recreate that calms them down.

· Purchase or create sensory bins for them to use. Sensory bins are large containers filled with materials that stimulate the senses to distract or calm negative emotions. Bins can contain kinetic sand, various types of pasta, water with ice cubes and various sizes of funnels, or soil with plastic snakes and insects.

· Establish calming corners in a bedroom or classroom that contain calming furniture and objects, such as a bean bag chair, stuffed animals, and headphones to listen to soothing music.

· If your J♥ enjoys art and many do, set up arts and craft stations for them to use to artistically express their emotions.

· For older children, journaling may help.

· Encourage them to get exercise or go for a nature walk.

· If your child enjoys music or dancing, suggest they dance or listen to music that helps them express the emotion they are experiencing.

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