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About the Destiny Card System

Ever hear the expression, 'It was in the cards'? This expression means something was meant to happen. And it alludes to playing cards being the tool that predicted what would happen. While most people are familiar with tarot cards being used in fortune-telling, many are unaware that tarot cards are a spin off from playing cards.

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The Destiny Card System is the study of the ancient science and secrets held by playing cards. A core premise behind the system is that playing cards collectively represent the 52 life paths God (or the Universe if that aligns more with your beliefs) created for man. The system is also based upon the concept of reincarnation or the idea that when a person’s physical body dies, the person’s soul continues to exist and begins a new life in a different physical body. The date on which a soul is born is associated with a Birth Card. This Birth Card activates personality traits and life lessons that a soul will experience in its present life incarnation. Life lessons occur chronologically based upon a soul's current Birth Card’s suit and number. Souls progress through life incarnations beginning as Hearts, moving on to Clubs, then Diamonds, and finally as Spades. Heart cards are the youngest souls and Spades are the oldest souls. In addition, souls chronologically progress through learning experiences within each suit, beginning with lessons as an Ace and culminating with lessons as a King.

Knowing your Birth Card's personality traits and life lessons can EMPOWER you by helping you make better decisions in life. Also, a person's Birth Card can reveal your...​

  • FUTURE - the system reveals current and future energies that impact all areas of your life. This offers a window into the future and as such, enables a person to manifest the highest expressions of these energies!

  • ​Unique higher and lower personality traits, including your SUPERPOWERS that can be leveraged toward success.

  • Purpose in life and potential callings, allowing you to see if you are on the right track in life.

  • Relationship dynamics between you and your personal love partner(s), parents, children, friends, business associates, etc. Gain insight into your past, current, and future karma and the people around you who may play a role in it.

  • Current life lessons and mini lessons you are destined to experience to activate spiritual growth.

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History of the Destiny Card System

The Destiny Card System is the ancient science and secrets held by playing cards.

In 1893, the very first book on the topic of the Destiny Card System was published by Olney H. Richmond. In his book titled, The Mystic Test Book or The Magic of Cards, Richmond stated playing cards were not invented for entertainment. He claimed that playing cards were a visual representation of different life or destiny paths God created for mankind (or the Universe if this aligns more with your beliefs). The structure and knowledge of these 52 life paths is what makes up the Destiny Card System. The date upon which a person is born is associated with a playing card or Birth Card, which activates a person's current life path.


While the earliest historical evidence of playing cards was discovered in China, Richmond asserted playing cards were invented by the Atlanteans, the people of Atlantis. You see, a group of Atlanteans believed the Universe to be a mathematical structure comprised of energies and structural objects that adhere to patterns and predictable behaviors. Everything in the Universe is part of this mathematical structure, including the spiritual essence of each person’s soul. As such, each soul maintains energies and life patterns across various life incarnations that are predestined and predictable. The reason a soul experiences a unique life as a specific Birth Card is because of free will. Each person responds to yearly energies by freely making choices, thus creating their own reality and life that is unlike anyone else’s.


The Goal is Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

The purpose behind the 52 life paths is to help a soul achieve spiritual enlightenment. Essentially this means that a soul must reincarnate from Birth Card to Birth Card, learning the lessons inherent to each Birth Card. The best a soul can achieve in a single lifetime is to achieve spiritual growth; to become self-aware, authentically embrace one’s true nature, endeavor to manifest one's highest expressions, and learn the life lessons associated with their current Birth Card.

How does a person spiritually grow? Going back to Richmond, he revealed the mathematical structure of God’s life path for mankind was visually depicted in the 52 playing cards (or Birth Cards) that were organized into a specific pattern. Richmond called this pattern of Birth Cards the Spiritual Spread. At birth, a person is assigned a Birth Card for their current life incarnation. Due to that Birth Card’s position in the Spiritual Spread, a soul takes possession of specific personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, past lives and related karma, and opportunities for vocation. Moreover, a person’s Birth Card activates a sequence of life lesson plans by establishing a combination of 13 cards created for one’s life. Robert Lee Camp, one of the foremost authors of the Destiny Card system, called these sequences of life lesson plans the Life Spread for each Birth Card. If you are familiar with astrology, this would be similar to a person’s Birth Chart. A Birth Chart is a diagram that shows the exact positions of the Sun, Moon, and other planets in our solar system on the date and time of a person’s birth. Astrologists believe these structures in our solar system produce and embed energies within a person at birth. Then, each year of a person’s life, the Universe conveys new energies through all its patterns of Sun, Moon, and planetary movements. These yearly movements or transits impact each person differently depending upon a person’s unique Birth Chart. In the Destiny Card System, these yearly energies are accounted for in what are called Yearly Spreads for each Birth Card. Each person responds to these energies by freely making choices. By knowing these energies ahead of time, you can leverage them to produce the BEST OUTCOMES for spiritual growth. Of course, interpreting Yearly Spreads is complicated. But, a cardologer can do this for you. 

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