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The Potty Mouth A♦

A♦ Birthdates:

January 26 July 14

February 24 August 12

March 22 September 10

April 20 October 8

May 18 November 6

June 16 December 4

Sure, all of us have been guilty of exhibiting a potty mouth from time to time. But, children associated with an A♦ Birth Card are prone to this behavior more than other Birth Cards. Why, you ask? In the Destiny Card system, all Ace Birth Cards possess a ‘one’ energy, particularly in the area of their life designated by the suit of their Birth Card. In the case of an A♦, a ‘one’ energy will be directed at what they value. A higher expression of this energy means an A♦ child may focus efforts to help other people. They have the most amazing ambition and drive. This is the child who sees a problem in the world and then creates a charity to solve it. On the other hand, a lower expression of an A♦ ‘one’ energy is that they can manifest selfishness. They want what they want and that’s that. If they perceive their ‘one’ energy is being hindered, they may get angry. And a ‘one’ energy in an immature child tends to produce impulsivity. This is to say, a young A♦ will lash out and use inappropriate language. Some will physically lash out, too. In schools, teachers have seen an uptick in the number of students who are ‘runners’ − children who get upset and then try to leave school grounds. An A♦ child will be prone to this type of behavior, too.

So, what can an adult do when they are dealing with a potty mouthed A♦? First, an adult must remain calm. If an adult responds with anger, emotions will amp up in the A♦ child and no good will come from that. If the child is very young, they may not understand how to express their feelings. Therefore, they may benefit from learning how to identify and label their feelings. There are numerous children’s books and resources on the Internet that can help adults teach this. In addition, it may be helpful for an adult to have a calm-down plan in place. This can include a simple time-out. Better yet, an adult should create a designated calm space in the home or classroom that a child can go to that allows them to regain control over their emotions. This space can have objects intended to calm them down such as stuffed animals, fuzzy blankets, or soothing music. A calming space should also include strategies or activities for a child to implement. This can include a chart that takes them through breathing exercises to calm down. Physically calming activities can be effective as well such as crayons and a coloring book or providing sensory materials such as fidget or bubble making toys.

After an A♦ child has calmed down, then it would be a good idea to process the situation that triggered the anger. An adult should actively listen to and validate the child’s feelings. Explain that it is okay to have big feelings. What is not okay is to respond to them by lashing out in inappropriate ways. Finally, an adult should encourage this child to think of better ways to respond to their big feelings. A plan should be made to practice this new idea. You see, an A♦’s behavior won’t change overnight. It will likely take practice, reinforcement, and more practice. It’s definitely worth the effort for even small gains.

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