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The Sh*t Disturber 3♦

3♦ Birthdates:

January 24 July12

February 22 August 10

March 20 September 8

April 18 October 6

May 16 November 4

June 14 December 2

We’ve all experienced the disruptive soda bottle or can. Someone or somehow a soda container gets shook up and when a person opens the container the soda spurts out in all directions. There’s no telling where the soda splatter might go. In the Destiny Card system, there is a Birth Card that behaves in a similar way. That card is the 3♦! To be fair, though, many 3♦’s experience difficult or dysfunctional childhoods that promote this behavior.

In general, a Three energy is highly energetic. And Diamond energy represents money and values. Putting these two characteristics together can produce interesting personalities. A higher expressing 3♦ can be financially creative and can juggle money-making efforts very well. Leaning into the values side of their Birth Card, some 3♦ can express an extensive range of emotions and values. Take for instance the actor Matthew McConaughey. Matthew defied his type-cast rom com persona when he expertly played an AIDS patient and activist in Dallas Buyer’s Club. A lower expressing 3♦ is a whole different animal. When creativity with money and/or acting out extreme values is directed in lower expressions, you get a person who is a real sh*t disturber. An example of this kind of individual is Donald J Trump. Such individuals thrive in chaos. They intentionally enjoy breaking the rules or making up their own rules.

Most 3♦ children act somewhere in the middle of these higher and lower expressions. To guide a 3♦ child toward higher expressions of their Birth Card, it is imperative for adults around this child to maintain structure, strong values, and unconditional love. A 3♦ child will test the waters from time to time, so patience and calm is also important to display. Most importantly, a 3♦ child will tend to lean into behaviors where they get the most attention. Therefore, when a 3♦ child is acting from a lower place, it may be a good idea to use a strategy called gray rocking. Gray rocking is whereby an adult act ‘like a gray rock’ when a child displays sh*t disturbing behavior. Psychologists agree that gray rocking is not ideal for all children. Yet, it may be a good strategy for a 3♦ child who derives pleasure from upsetting people around them.

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