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The Procrastinating 6♣

6♣ Birthdates:

March 30 August 20

April 28 September 18

May 26 October 16

June 24 November 14

July 22 December 12

Sure, all children have moments of procrastination, whether it’s writing a Language Arts paper on a topic that has no interest to them or following through on the weekend ‘clean your room’ family rule at home. Yet, there is one Birth Card that tends to struggle with procrastination more than other Birth Cards – the 6♣. Even a person with a 6♣ Planetary Ruling Card can manifest this same experience from time to time.

The reason a 6♣ tends to be challenged with procrastination can be explained by considering a 6♣’s cards that represent their life challenges. All Birth Cards experience challenges associated with three cards: 1st Karma Card, Saturn Card, and the Pluto Card. In the case of a 6♣, they have an 8♠ as their 1st Karma Card. Because one’s 1st Karma Card indicates a weakness in one’s personality and an 8♠ represents perseverance and the power of a hard work ethic, you can see why a 6♣ might struggle with procrastination. Another reason is because a 6♣ has a Q♣ as their Pluto Card in the Life Spread. Pluto Cards in one’s Life Spread tend to be challenges one has to learn to deal with in their lifetime. Given the Q♣ embodies a highly organized mind who can process information quickly, this means a 6♣ may struggle with planning and organization. Lastly, one’s Saturn Card indicates an area in our life in which we need instruction. You see, Saturn is the teacher and teachings under Saturn can be painful. A 6♣’s Saturn Card in the Life Spread is a K♠, the card of ultimate self-mastery. Need I say more?

While parenting a procrastinator may be frustrating, it is important to point out the benefits of this personality trait. 6♣ are reflective and highly intuitive people. To heighten these qualities, a 6♣ needs time, and a peaceful mental space. How can this be possible if a person is constantly preoccupied with mental or physical activities? Procrastination is a 6♣’s unconscious mechanism to slow down, reflect, and tap into their intuition. Knowing this is key to parenting a 6♣ child. This means a parent of a 6♣ should teach them to block out and embrace times of stillness and reflection. Allow them more down time than you would with other children. Show them the benefits of disconnecting from technology as technology can hijack creativity and reflective thinking. When a 6♣ is in the moment of procrastination and is facing a deadline, refrain from criticism and offer to help them start their project (not finish the project for them!). Speaking of deadlines, when it comes to chores at home, perhaps ask them to come up with a reasonable time frame to complete them so they feel more in control. For school projects, help them break down the assignment into smaller pieces and assign deadlines for each piece prior to the actual deadline. And, finally teach your 6♣ ways to take brain breaks or plan rewards in between the completion of a specific task they are procrastinating to do. This way, the process holds some positive aspects to it.

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