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A 6♠’s Tendency to Push the Limits

6♠ Birthdates:

January 8

February 6

March 4

April 2

One major life lesson for a 6♠ is to learn about the law of karma or cause and effect around work and health. This means 6♠ children tend to push against the limits of any specific situation in an oppositional way. 6♠ are being prepared to become adults who push the limits and break the rules. As such, many become visionaries and pioneers who apply unconventional ideas that can lead to progressive changes in their field of work.

Let’s consider some famous 6♠ who were pioneers in their field by inventing new ideas and/or initiating new ways of doing things:

· Born January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley helped pioneer rock and roll and transformed musical performance through his sexually provocative pelvic moves during the 1950’s and 60’s.

· Born January 8, 1942, 6♠ Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist and the first to develop a theory that combined the concept of relativity and quantum mechanics to explain the nature of our cosmos.

· Born January 8, 1992, Rachel Hofstetter pushed the limits of gender stereotypes by gaining fame as YouTube’s most-watched female streamer in 2020. Also known as Valkyrae, Rachel went on to break the glass ceiling as the first female gamer and content creator for 100 Thieves, a well-known gaming association.

· Born February 6, 1895, professional baseball player George Herman, more commonly known as Babe Ruth, became one of the first few players inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

· Born February 6, 1911, Ronald Reagan went on to become a famous movie actor and then the first actor to become president of the United States.

· Born on February 6, 1945, Bob Marley was the first international singer and songwriter superstar from the country of Jamaica.

· Born March 4, 1394, Dom Henrique of Portugal was a Prince known for initiating the Age of Discovery in the 15th century with his ideas around exploration, navigation, and maritime trade.

· Born April 2, 1939, singer Marvin Gaye was a pioneer as a black soul artist. Also known as the Prince of Soul, Marvin’s soulful sound and songwriting continues to inspire and pave the way for many other artists up to this very day.

Are you a 6♠? Or are you a parent of a 6♠? If so, expect and do not suppress some of the nonconformist ideas or behaviors so long as they do no harm to others. Allow some risk-taking. As a Spade Birth Card, 6♠s are old souls who bring much spiritual wisdom into their current life. With some freedom to express their authentic nature, these individuals have the potential to manifest progressive ideas that may help mankind toward a more enlightened future.

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