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What's Your Birth Card?

Each day of the year is associated with a Birth Card. Use the month and day you were born in the table below to look up your Birth Card. 

Destiny Card Birth Card Chart.png

What does my Birth Card mean about me?

This Birth Card determines one's personality, strengths and weaknesses, past and current karma, and current life purpose and lessons which is determined as a result of the synergy of two energies: 1) the suit of your Birth Card (Heart, Club, Diamond, or Spade), and 2) the number affiliated with your Birth Card (one through 13).


The suit of a person's Birth Card reveals one's gifts and life lessons as follows:

  • Heart Birth Cards retains gifts and experiences life lessons around love and relationships.

  • Club Birth Card carries gifts and experiences life lessons in their ability to communicate and absorb information.

  • Diamond suit possesses gifts and experiences life lessons around money and values.

  • Spade suit retains gifts and experiences life lessons around health and work to achieve spiritual wisdom.

The number of a person's Birth Card assigns basic attributes of one's personality that can manifest as higher or lower expressions (see table below). Using FREE WILL, a person can move back and forth along a continuum experimenting with the higher and lower expressions of their Birth Card.

Another important card - Planetary Ruling Card

Each person’s Birth Card represents their internal identity and as such, reflects the main life gifts and lessons a person is to experience. However, a person's Birth Card is only half the story of one's life experience. As you may have noticed from the table above, different birth dates may have the same Birth Card. People born the same Birth Card but on a different date possess different traits due to being born under a different zodiac sign. To account for the influence of one's zodiac sign, another card is assigned: the Planetary Ruling Card. If you are familiar with astrology, think of the Planetary Ruling Card as being like a person's rising sign. A person’s Planetary Ruling Card provides additional attributes a person can tap into and externally express. Think of these attributes as a mask or persona a person wears though, not the person’s true nature. Now let’s consider one remaining feature of a person’s Planetary Ruling Card. In astrology, some people are described as being born on a cusp date. This means that a person was born on a date when the sun was leaving one zodiac sign and entering another. Because the exact time of this movement varies from year to year, people born on the same cusp date but in a different year may or may not be ruled by the same zodiac sign. To account for this difference, the Destiny Card system assigns two Planetary Ruling Cards to people born on the cusp.

Basic Attributes.jpg

Use the tables below to discover your Planetary Ruling Card(s):

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