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One-Year Destiny Report

One-Year Destiny Report


This report describes your unique gifts, strengths and weaknesses, past and current karma associated with your Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards (based upon your birthdate). Additionally, this report will focus on yearly planetary energies you will experience during your current age. Such knowledge and awareness can help you be more proactive in life, allowing you to make informed choices that may bring about optimal outcomes. After ordering, you will receive a form that needs to be filled out before a report can be made. You can expect the report to be emailed as a pdf to you within 48 hours after you have submitted the form.


  • The report spans from your birthdate to next birthdate and not a calendar year. If you want a report for a later time, you will need to specify that on your order form.
  • This is a computer-generated report and not a face-to-face reading.
  • If anyone’s birthdate is December 31st (Joker Birth Card), please know there are no reports available for this date.
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