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Parent-Child Yearly Relational Energy Report

Parent-Child Yearly Relational Energy Report


This report describes one parent and one child’s yearly relational energy by analyzing each of their Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards  which is assigned by each person’s birthdate (relational energies between this parent and child from each person’s point of view will be described for their current age). After ordering, you will receive a form that needs to be filled out before a report can be made. You can expect the report to be emailed as a pdf to you within 48 hours after you have submitted the form.


  • This is a handmade report and not a face-to-face reading.
  • Yearly energies are analyzed from each person’s most recent birthdate to their next birthdate and not a calendar year.
  • If anyone’s birthdate is December 31st (Joker Birth Card), please know there are no reports available for this date.
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